not updated for a long time....



2016-11-16. Removed:

-several pairs that got sold over the time


2016-10-28. Added:

Large Metal I Arista Fantasees Beige

Large Metal II Arista Fantasees Rose

- Outdoorsman II Arista B20 Chromax

- Outdoorsman I Arista General RB50

- Shooter II Precious Metal Arista/Black Ultragradient Beige


2016-08-07. Added:

Large Metal II 14K B15 Gold Mirrored


2016-08-04. Added:

- OutDoorsman I Black Chrome Ambermatic Double Gradient Mirror

- Large Metal II Arista RB3 Double Gradient Mirror


2016-07-12. Added:

- Shooter II Black Chrome G15

- Shooter II white Gold G15

- OutDoorsMan I Tortuga G15 Diamond Hard

- OutDoorsman II traditionals Style G B15

Large Metal I Black Chrome Matte Chromax B20

- Large Metal II Fantasees UltraGradient Green


2016-06-27. Added:

- OutDoorsMan II Precious Metal Arista/Black

- Large Metal I Arista Flying Colors Violet Changeable Blue/Grey

- Large Metal I Black Chrome Matte Chromax B20


2016-06-07. Added:

- Shooter II Arista Burgundy Leathers Ultragradient Fantasees Rose

- Large Metal I Black Chrome Ambermatic Double Gradient Mirror

- OutDoorsMan I Arista RB-3 Top Gradient Mirror


2016-06-03. Added:

- Shooter II Precious Metal Arista/Black Ultragradient Grey

- OutDoorsMan I Precious Metal Arista/Titanium NOS frame

- Shooter II Arista Changeable green

- Large Metal II Black Chrome G15

- Large Metal II Black Chrome Chromax A-30

- OutDoorsMan I Arista G15 Diamond Hard 

- OutDoorsMan II Arista G15 Diamond Hard 


2016-05-26. Added:

- Shooter II Precious Metal Arista/Black Ultragradient Grey

- Large Metal II Arista Ambermatic Double Gradient Mirror


2016-05-10. Added:

- Additional Items chapter added

- Pictures of Sun exposed sunglasses ((Super) Changeable, Fantasees and Ambermatics)

- OutDoorsMan II Tortuga RB50 ULTRA

- Large Metal I Arista UltraGradient Fantasees Green

- Large Metal II Arista Changeable green (2x)

- Large Metal I Arista Changeable grey


2016-05-09. Added:

- Guest Book

- OutDoorsMan II Gun Metal Changeable Brown


 2016-05-04. Added:

- Large Metal II Arista Super Changeable Grey

- Large Metal II Black Chrome Changeable Grey

- Shooter 2 Arista Changeable Grey



- 1st publish, still under construction. Most of my pairs are now represented