My Ray Ban Collection

I think it was around 2005 when I got my father's old pair of Large Metal II G15 Arista gold by Bausch and Lomb. At that time for me they were mostly "Ray Ban sunglasses" of which I thought they were cool and I liked as they had been my fathers. I think approximately  7 years later I lost them, no clue where or what happened to them. Probably I just forgot them somewhere.

I replaced them by some cool looking Luxottica Ray Ban sunglasses.


Then during the summer of 2014 in a moment of boredom I start looking at some internet auction sites to see if I could replace the pair I lost. But not by a pair of Luxottica, but the real deal, vintage Ray Bans.

I got surprised by how much they were available, the different kind of models, and the popularity of them.


I got intrigued! Started to look for information and did further research. I got hooked!


Now less then 2 years later I have build up something which one could call a collection.


In my collection I decided to focus on Aviator models only (with some exceptions as there are just to many cool looking vintage Ray Bans) and my specific interest are the different type of lenses Aviators have been produced in all the years Ray Ban was owned by Bausch and Lomb.


This website is, at this moment, not about the history of Ray Ban, nor did I try to make an informative site. Just a listing of my own personal collection as I got fed up of opening the boxes I store them in and opening all those cases just to find that specific pair :-)